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Evolve the conversation

You've initiated a conversation and have gained some level of context and insight into what your prospect's solution and capability needs and interests ought to be. Now it's time to probe a little deeper and focus your conversation on a specific solution area. From the left sidebar navigation, use the drop-down menu under "Open-ended questions and handling objections" to access targeted, open-ended questions aligned with different solution and capability areas.

These questions are useful for gaining a better understanding of the true nature of your prospect's needs. As your conversation progresses, think about what the prospect is telling you. This will guide you to ask your next "in-context" question that will support and align you to the appropriate solution and capabilities recommendation. This approach will also lend you suggestions on how to handle objections that might be presented by your prospect.

Conversation tip: As prospects respond to your questions, allow them to naturally guide you to your next question that ought to be in context to the prospect's statement. Carefully listen to their answers, and take notes so you can easily refer back to important points that might come up.

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