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Prepare for the call

Successfully identifying opportunities begins before you ever contact your prospect. That's because you need to understand where your prospects are coming from before you can know where they need to go.

Identify the offer or event with which your prospect most recently engaged. Read the asset to understand the content presented to the prospect, and consider the prospect's role and responsibilities. Go into the call prepared to understand the prospect's current situation, solution and capability needs. As prospects communicate with you, listen for specific tell signs to what they need. These signs will help you ask specific questions to uncover why a particular offer, event or new solution you're proposing could be of interest to them and their organization. And be prepared to handle questions around our competition.

You must have a high-level understanding of the IBM solution and capability areas you're targeting. The side navigation will help you explore different solution areas that represent the ways IBM helps increase business agility in four primary areas: process innovation, application acceleration, mobile and expert integrated systems. Click on the solution area to get a brief description, including related IBM solutions and client examples that can help you relay the solutions and benefits to your prospects.


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