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Solution identification guidelines


Company information

  • Name and location of company
  • Contact's name, title, contact information and project responsibility
  • Additional participants, associates and decision makers (business or technical) the prospect is working with
  • Group or division
  • Project or initiative name
  • Project: Y/N
  • Budget: Y/N

Solution information

  • Product and solution of interest
  • Relationship with any partners or systems integrators
  • Development and business decision locations
  • Project's application
  • Overall scope—enterprise, application and so on
  • Business case
  • Business issues
  • Technical issues
  • Prospect's likes and dislikes of his or her current solution or applications
  • Users and managers using services from this current solution
  • Prospect's goals to achieving a successful implementation
  • How the prospect heard about the IBM solution

Prospect's current situation

  • Technologies in use today and changes scheduled (if any)
  • Features or functionality expected to be added to existing systems
  • Potential impact value for implementing XYZ solution
  • Other solutions the organization is considering
  • Prospect's likes or dislikes of the other solutions being considered
  • Sequence of events (prospect's expectations and next steps)
    • Date the prospect expects to complete research of potential solutions
    • Date the prospect expects to complete an evaluation
    • Date the prospect expects to begin development
    • Date the prospect expects to implement
    • Time frame to purchase decision

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