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Solution identification and BANT conversation guidelines and recap email formats

The ultimate goal of your opportunity identifier (OI) responsibility is to identify, develop and then pass or maintain the highest level validated responses and qualified opportunities. It's important to maintain the parameters of BANT and SID guidelines. SID was developed to augment BANT (as described below) and help drive high-quality opportunities that can be quickly progressed and closed.

The primary focus of SID is on how you do what you do when you initially engage with a prospect.

The SID approach is intended to establish a mutually beneficial engagement where prospects feel listened to, know the caller is interested in what their interests are, and can tell that the caller desires to help them and will follow up with information that is on point to their solution needs. The following are behaviors conducive to delivering more value for the prospect and IBM during a prospecting call:

  • What mind set should sales representatives have when initiating first touch with prospects? (interview)
  • How should sales representatives consider their attitude and approach toward a prospect? (discovery)
  • Where should sales representatives place their attention? (listening for solution need)
  • What is the mutual interaction that ought to take place? (in-context informational exchange)
  • What should the information format and exchange be? (open-ended questions)
  • How can sales representatives conclude their interview and support prospects? (conversation recap email)
The following guidelines ought to be used as a reminder of the type of content valued to create high quality opportunities. Reference them prior to initiating your calling campaign to keep fresh the areas where your prospecting efforts should focus.

A BANT-validated response is suited to, but not limited to, our Velocity (deals less than US$100,000) model. When a deeper level discussion is needed, use SID to validate and qualify opportunities. The SID approach is better suited when a prospect is investigating more than a license upgrade or single product purchase, for example, a package platform and framework such as IBM Mobile, PureApplication System, ODM, BPM and other more complex sales opportunities.

Neither BANT nor SID examples are sets of questions for your conversation. This list is simply intended to provide you with a view of the type of information sellers highly value. It is certainly possible to obtain all of this information from any one conversation. However, it is not necessary to substantiate a validated response or qualified opportunity. The important thing is that the conversation flows naturally and that any prospect within our sellers' pipeline is of the highest quality.

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